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Leba 111 for teeth

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Leba 111 for teeth

Post  Sadie on 12/4/2010, 1:54 pm

I just saw this ad for Leba111 which is a natural dental spray for dogs with lots of tarter and a general mouth problem. Sophie has that heart condition and so can't really go in for a dental, and this product actually sounds like it might be a worthwhile buy. It was created by a lady who lost a dog to a routine dental and this is what she came up with, Does anyone have any recommendations for this particular product (or something to help this poor dear with the smelly breath)?

[url=http://www.lebalab.com ]www.lebalab.com [/url]

Thanks, and mucho pug hugs,
Sadie, at home with Dame Sophie, having good days and some not so good days & Princess Fia, my rowdy, 'but wait, I think I'll take a nap' girl


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Re: Leba 111 for teeth

Post  MandyPug on 12/4/2010, 2:01 pm

Leba III and Petzlife are very similar and i've seen great results with both.

One of my clients used the Petzlife for 30 days on her older JRT with a ton of plaque, 3 sprays 3x per day and the teeth were bright and shiny again. Of course this was used along side with chewies to help scrape (you can also do brushing if you want) since the liquid basically loosens up the nasties..


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